ICM - Intentional Camera Movement 


ICM is photography's free jazz, a form of abstract photography where images are created by deliberately moving the camera whilst the shot is being taken. I move my camera in endless different ways to create different effects and the only limit is my own imagination! There are no special effects involved - what you see in this gallery was created by me 'in camera'. 

ICM offers us a whole new way of looking at the world and is arguably more interesting than a straight up photo. I can make an image dance, shimmer and sway. I can bring a scene to life.


All my prints are prepared by a world class print laboratory in Germany and printed on the finest quality Hahnemühle Fine Art papers. These are very special indeed, a world away from normal photographic papers. Each print is hand signed by me and set in a high quality mount before being sent out to you. I do not send prints directly from the printer as I prefer to quality check them myself first. When you buy a print from me, premium quality comes as standard.

There are three categories of prints:

Open Editions - for sale worldwide in unlimited numbers.

Limited Editions - limited to just ten prints across all sizes and in addition to being hand signed and mounted, they come to you in a special presentation box with a certificate of authenticity, which is numbered and hand signed by me.

Unique Editions - as the title suggests, this will be a very special image and there will be just one single print available, anywhere, ever! Preparation and presentation are as per my limited editions with a little extra something in the box, just for you.





(format 3:2)

15 x 10 cm  - €31,95 plus P&P

30 x 20 cm -€44.95 plus P&P

45 x 30 cm -€59.95 plus P&P 

60 x 40 cm -€89.95 plus P&P

(format 4:3)

20 x 15 cm - €34.95 plus P&P

28 x 21 cm - €44.95 plus P&P

40 x 30 cm -€55.95 plus P&P

60 x 45 cm - €95,95 plus P&P

(format 1:1 square)

20 x 20cm - €39.95 plus P&P

30 x 30cm - €55. 95 plus P&P 

40 x 40cm- €65,95 plus P&P

50 x 50cm - €89.95 plus P&P


(format 3:2)

45 x 30 cm -€115.00 plus P&P 

60 x 40 cm -€185.00 plus P&P


(format 4:3)

40 x 30 cm -€110.00 plus P&P

60 x 45 cm - €195.00 plus P&P

(format 1:1 square)

30 x 30cm - €110.00 plus P&P 

40 x 40cm- €145.00 plus P&P

50 x 50cm - €180.00 plus P&P


Please contact me for details.


If you are interested in buying my art to hang in your hotel or business, talk to me about special rates and limited editions. I can even shoot something or somewhere just for you if you wish. Let's talk!

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