Hidden Faces Passing By is a unique photo collection born out of my love for both people and ICM  (Intentional Camera Movement) photography. My images depict ordinary human beings, just like you and me, as they go about their everyday business, but in a way that focused photography could never achieve. It's about movement, emotion, posture and demeanour without the need to reveal the identity of the person being photographed. As I sit and observe, sometimes for hours at a time, every facet of life is played out before me: I watch a lady hurry to the supermarket on the corner and return with a few essential items, I see people going back and forth to work, people meeting friends, a father carrying his sleeping child and people conducting business. I witness laughter, tears, arguments, loneliness, vulnerability, innocence and love. Using the ICM technique, I try honour the beauty of ordinary life in an extraordinary way. And alongside many of the images, there is a story, just like life itself, because Hidden Faces is more than just images, it's a visual depiction of society and how we live.

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